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TV Shows & Movies

Ok, we admit it, we absolutely love TV Shows & Movies. For centuries now, the TV has taken over most houses as the main source for entertainment – and news.

The TV has truly changed the way we live.

Nowadays, it is highly diversified, attending to people of all ages and backgrounds. Additionally, it has become smarter too.

With the advance of technology, most of us are now used to access whatever we want, at the distance of a click. So the TV needed to modernize as well.

That’s why most of us don’t sit through commercials anymore. And with the rise of streaming services, TV series have now dominated part of our lives (Netflix and chill, right?).

At this section, we will uncover all news about your favorite TV shows. Maybe share a little conspiracy theory (or two).

And yes, we do promise not to get overly excited as to keep spoilers to a minimum.

What’s your favorite show?