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Netflix has movie choices for the whole family. Whether its comedy, drama, romance or horror, there’s nothing like a good movie to teach us something new and captivate us. Good movies have the gift of making us travel, leaving for a few minutes, that is, our comfort zone seeing the reality of the other.

If you need motivation and inspiration to get started this week, this post was dedicated to you. How about getting to know inspirational Netflix movies?

What movies are on Netflix right now?
Maidentrip (2013)

A 14-year-old girl who decides to sail by boat all over the world. The documentary film tells how were the difficulties faced before and during this adventure.

All the bureaucratic issues she faced in getting such permits, as well as the challenges faced aboard herself. Portions of the film are from his personal archive during the nearly 2-year journey.

Her story challenges us to rethink everything that is possible from the moment we set something as a goal. Without a doubt, Maidentrip is one of Netflix’s inspirational films and is able to teach us a lot about determination, strength and especially courage! His rating is 7.6 on IMDB, be sure to watch!

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The theory of everything (2014)

Based on Traveling to Infinity My Life with Stephen by Jane Wilde Hawking, The theory of everything tells the story about the relationship with physicist Stephen Hawking and the development of his motor neuron disease.

The film was critically acclaimed and took home no less than the Oscar and Golden Globe statuettes. A beautiful story and one of the inspiring Netflix movies you should watch as soon as possible! In addition to a love story, a life companionship story. The development of a degenerative disease in a brilliant man who even with so many difficulties never gave up.

The disease takes hold of Hawking very quickly, while still young he already needs the full care of others to perform basic activities such as eating, for example.

Irony of fate or not, even with the entire motor system compromised, Hawking has the best part of his body intact, the brain. With the disease already advanced, Stephen continues writing and working on the development of his theory, establishing himself as one of the greatest physicists of today.

One of your most motivating phrases is:

      “There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. We are all different. During life’s hardships there is always something to do and succeed. While there is life, there is hope! ”

12 years of slavery (2013)

This movie is meant to inspire and motivate anyone to move forward no matter what. Based on the true story of an American black man who was free but kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1841. He spends 12 years of his life serving as a slave, away from his family, friends and with a new identity.

12 Years of Slavery is one of Netflix’s inspirational films and encourages us to value life and our freedom. A drama that will shed tears of indignation for someone who has lost 12 years of his life in slave labor as a free musician.

Many of the movies we talk about here are based on real stories and nothing more inspiring to our lives than movies that tell someone’s trajectory. Stories of normal people who have been through difficult situations and are like a life lesson for society.

We hope you enjoyed this special list we have prepared for you. If this is a fact, share it with friends. And now just pick and enjoy the inspiring Netflix movies!


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