Cafes, bars and restaurants inspired by movies and series

There is a bar that sells cocktails as if they were Harry Potter potions and "Breaking Bad" inspired cafes.

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There are many times when we dream of visiting the world within our favorite movies and series. Such is the magic that we live through the screen, whether at home or in the movies. Now it’s possible to visit amazing cafes inspired by movies and series.


Who ever wanted to walk the Hogwarts corridors, be able to make potions and cast spells like a true sorcerer?

Luckily, there are cafes, bars and restaurants all over the world devoted to the movies and television. All to help us escape reality and live a little of this world. We show you 8 cafes inspired by movies and series!

Here are 3 cafes inspired by movies and series

Luce Bar (Milan, Italy)

Inside the Fondazione Prada Institution and dedicated to contemporary art and culture. Luce Bar will make every Wes Anderson fan feel inside one of his films. Opened in May 2015 and was designed by the American filmmaker. The interior was inspired by two films from the golden age of Italian cinema: The Milan Miracle of 1951 and Rocco and his Brothers of 1960.

About space, Anderson told The Guardian newspaper “I couldn´t film in there”. He say there is “not an ideal angle, but it’s a beautiful place to write a movie.” He added that he tried to create a bar where he would like to spend his “non-fictional” afternoons.

In addition to being the perfect destination for the director’s fans, the menu can still enjoy a selection of pastries, coffee and alcoholic beverages.


The Lockhart (Toronto, Canada)

Dedicated to the Harry Potter world, The Lockhart – nickname of one of the Hogwarts professors – brings to Canada a little of the magic that still rages around the world today.

In order not to infringe copyright, the bar only assumes itself as merely thematic of wizards. But, there are a lot of references to Rowling’s universe. Like as a mural with a deer patronus (a spell cast by Harry) and a cocktail menu called “potions and elixirs”.


Walter’s Coffee Roastery (Istanbul, NYC and Dubai)

Founding in Istanbul, Walter’s Coffee Roastery honors the world of Walt and Jesse in Breaking Bad through coffee specialization.

Now they are in New York and Dubai too, with a space decorated with gray and yellow colors. With references to the series as the periodic table of elements and baristas dressed in overalls. Coffee is served in chemistry glassware where customers can make their own “scientific experiments”.

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