The 10 Most Instagrammable Restaurants You Need to Know

instagrammable restaurants

Special restaurants, well-decorated and with dishes that looks like art! It is impossible to get immune from these places and not take a picture and post on Instagram. See some of the most instagrammable restaurants in the world.

Where, in addition to impeccable cuisine, are places that inspire visually for decor and experiences.

Septime – Paris

Chef Bertrand Grébaut’s kitchen is delicious and modern. The restaurant has super clean and cool decor, with open kitchen and an industrial vibes!

La Pergola – Rome

Awarded more than once as one of the best chefs in the world and acclaimed with its three Michelin stars, Heinz Beck is the big name behind the restaurant’s haute cuisine. Baroque and elegant decor with a beautiful view of the city! A delicious experience!

Blue Hill Farm – New York

Dan Barber is the chef behind Barns (inside the Blue Hill farm in Upstate NY). Outside Manhattan, the restaurant is on a self-sustaining organic farm.

The dishes of the restaurants are simple and delicious.  It´s because the idea is to value nature as it is. The chef has teamed up with agronomists to produce the best types of each vegetable. All to respect the soil and cultivating all products in a harmonic and systemic way.

The dishes are extremely creative and tasty.

Florilege – Tokyo

Florilège means anthology in French. And is the stage for chef Hiroyasu Kawate’s imaginative modern French cuisine. He plays with temperature and texture and is not afraid to combine products from France with Japanese ingredients!

The dishes are clean and the atmosphere is modern and stylish.

The Clove club – London

A fine dining restaurant located in Shoreditch, which mainly uses fresh British ingredients. The space is headed by three chefs. The dishes, besides being beautiful, are excellent! A very inventive gastronomy. The kitchen open to the lounge is clean and contemporary.

Piazza Duomo – Alba

It is a traditional and modern restaurant where chef Enrico Crippa does a wonderful job. In tasting menu format the dishes are super tasty and minimalist. The decor is beautiful and inspiring.

Disfrutar – Barcelona

The restaurant is led by three award-winning young chefs, Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruc. They create modern, artistically presented Mediterranean dishes. As a result, there everything surprises, from the creations to the techniques used in each of the dishes.

And the decor is amazing. Tiles in the front area honoring the local Spanish bars. Moreover, the traditional Merca del Niñot and the main dining room has a terrace with garden furniture and textured ceramic walls.

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Noma – Copenhagen

Chef René Redzepi describes Noma 2.0 as an “urban farm”. At its new address in the neighborhood of Christiania, Copenhagen. The new space hosts gardens, a complex of seven buildings and holds 40 people for dinner every night.

The tasting menu is seasonal. In the early months of the year, the cuisine focuses on seafood. Then on a “vegetable season” in early Danish summer and autumn, the focus is on meat. Most importantly: The decor is stunning with lots of wood and warmth!

Mugaritz – San Sebastian

Creativity and boldness mark this restaurant 20 minutes from San Sebastián. Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz is an artist and does a lot of experiments with local produce. In his laboratory kitchen, the Chef makes wonderful dishes full of surprises and humor.

Oteque – Rio de Janeiro

The format is of tasting menu. The menu is minimalist and super inventive! Chef Alberto Landgraf simplifies the gastronomy and gives sophisticated air to the dishes. In other words: the food is beautiful, tasty and very delicate.

In addition, the decor is also a thing to talk about. A new and modern New York visual!

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