5 Healthy and Tasty Recipes in Just 5 Easy Steps

Cut the carbs and find the perfect dish for a special occasion.

5 healthy and tasty recipes in just 5 easy steps so you can stop struggling to find easy-to-make recipes amid so many options online. Look no further, we have already selected the perfect options. You will no longer have to cheat on your diet for that special meal with all these delicious options.

Healthy and Tasty Mushrooms and Chicken Salad


Salads do not need to be boring and tasteless, and to prove it we bring you the healthy and tasty recipe for mushrooms and chicken salad, in just 5 steps. Check out the full recipe here.


Eggplant Rolls with Spinach & Ricotta


Turn the eggplants into delicious slices, rich filled with ricotta cheese and spinach, to amaze your friends and family with a healthy and tasty recipe. Check the full recipe here.

Teriyaki Tuna Steaks with Rice & Noodles


Delight yourself with this perfect healthy and tasty recipe for tuna steak with rice and noodles, and in just 5 steps, easy and delicate. You can serve it either as a main or as a side dish. Check this super tasty and healty recipes here.

Pistachio Crusted Salmon Lettuce Wraps

Wrap-up this all-around favorite fish in a brand new way! It won’t take you more than 5 steps to amaze everyone with yet another healthy and tasty recipe. Check the full recipe here.


Chicken Satay

Get ready for the delicious flavors of a fresh Thai classic takeaway dish with a twist. Check the full recipe here.