Tips & Tricks to Make Your Life in the Kitchen Easier

These tips & tricks are a lifesaver for anyone who spends any time in the kitchen. Check them out and make your life easier.


If you spend any time cooking at all, these 7 kitchen tips & tricks will make you into a true kitchen pro, or at least save you some time and effort.

1. Know if eggs are fresh

There is nothing worse than forgetting how long your eggs have been sitting in the fridge and wondering if they are still good to use. Use this simple trick to clear all doubts. Put your egg into cold water: if the egg stays laying horizontally at the bottom, it is fresh; if it stands vertically at the bottom – better eat it fast; if it floats up, it is not good anymore.

2. Peel a garlic in an easy way

Peeling garlic can be quite annoying, but not if you know this trick: slightly crush them (or cut off the ending), put them in a closed dish and shake. The peal will come off so all you need to do is pick out the garlic. You can also use similar approach to peel eggs.

3. Prevent avocado from browning

All avocado fans know that there is nothing worse than an avocado turning brown when you don’t use it all at once. To prevent that, simply put a slice of lemon on top or keep it next to a piece of onion.

4. Put parmesan ending to a good use

Have you ever found yourself finishing a piece of parmesan cheese and having its rind leftover? Don´t throw it away! Instead, freeze it and use it next time to add flavor to a soup or a stew. Simply put it in a pan while cooking and take it out at the end – all the flavor will stay inside.

5. Prevent your potatoes from sprouting

Every potato fan should know this tip: store apples next to potatoes is the easiest way to make sure they don’t sprout. Even one apple should do the trick.

6. Save your herbs

If you have some herbs that are not so fresh anymore, freeze them in an ice cube tray together with some olive oil. You can later use them season other dishes.

7. Ice cubes for coffee lovers

Ice cube tray can serve for so much more than just making simple ice cubes. Instead of water, freeze coffee and use it to cool down your ice coffee whenever you feel like it. There is no need to drink your coffee watery.

We all know that cooking can be a fun activity (especially if you’re a foodie), but there some of these tasks can also be quite boring and stressful. We hope we’ve made your life easier with these simple tips & tricks.

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