The importance of rest to increase productivity


With the madness of the corporate world, the feeling is that work is consuming us day by day.  But do more hours of work translate to a similar increase in productivity?

Most likely, you arrive at your office around 8am or 9am, start working on projects, get up for a meeting, get back in your chair, complete an assignment, go out for another meeting, have lunch at the table or swallow food in the restaurant, back to the office and continue the journey until the end of the day, sometimes at night … And yet, it is common to leave with the feeling that you weren’t that productive.

Often you need to review some points of work organization to increase productivity. Afer all, it’s no use staying in the company for so long and not being productive, right?

Take breaks to increase productivity

Even if you are very busy, you need to take a break and relax. Sometimes getting up for coffee, talking for five minutes with a colleague, or flipping through a magazine for a few minutes is enough to spark creativity again and produce better again.

The subject is so serious that Travis Bradberrym co-author of the book Emotion Intelligence 2.0 speaks in his work that it makes no sense to work in blocks of eight hours. For him, it is necessary to stop 15 minutes every hour of work. This reasoning is based on a study by Draugiem, an information technology group, which used a computer program to measure how much time employees spent to perform different activities and the level of productivity.

It was found that the total time of the workday did not matter so much, but how it is structured.

Professionals who stopped for short rest periods were much more productive than those who worked long hours without stopping.

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Taking breaks on the workday helps:

– reduce stress
– increase concentration
– have more creativity
– make more assertive decisions

Of course, like everything else in life, you need to have common sense and not take a lot of breaks. Otherwise, the effect ends up being the other way around and then you can’t handle everything you need to deliver.

But with balance it is worth making brief stops throughout the day to rest your mind and increase productivity.

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