Exercises at home: how to avoid the cold of winter 2019

exercises at home

Exercises at home are a great way to keep in shape without going through the freezing air of Winter approaching. No excuses to leave your good habits behind.

Winter is coming back! Did you know that this time of year is the best for those who want to lose weight and burn calories? This is because, in cold weather, our body needs to burn more fat to keep body temperature stable during this season.

Thinking about the difficulty of training in the cold season and the benefits of exercising in the winter, here are separate 5 different exercises at home. 

1 – Interactive Games

Motion games and interactive video games can help you in a fun way. It doesn’t have the same effect as traditional exercise, but it is a good alternative for those who don’t like to exercise much. This way, you can get a little out of sedentary lifestyle and avoid a bad posture, for example. We recommend 30 to 40 minutes of them, 3 times a week to stay healthier and physically active.

2 – Exercises with Swiss ball

Some physical activities involving the famous Swiss balls are considered functional exercises. We suggest 5 options:

– Ball squats (ball on back, against the wall): 3 sessions of 12 squats
– Hip lift on the ball: 3 sessions of 12
– Arm flexion with leg support on the ball: 3 sessions of 8
– Front elevation holding the ball: 3 sessions of 12
– Abdominal Supra Ball: 3 sessions of 20
– Surfboard in the ball: 3 times 30 seconds
– Isometric Ball Squat: 3 times 30 seconds

The benefits of Swiss ball activities are the same as bodybuilding:

  • Increased strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Muscle mass gain
  • Improvement of metabolic and joint functions
  • Prevention of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity
  • Helps you lose weight

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3 – Rope

Skipping rope is an aerobic activity, so it improves cardiovascular endurance, metabolic functions, and joint functions. In addition, this activity also increases caloric expenditure, helping in weight loss and contributes to the reduction of diseases in general.

A good way to get started is by jumping a 1 to 5-minute rope at intervals of about 20 seconds. When a person already has a habit with the activity, there is usually an active break, that is, some other activity in place of the break. A good example would be 10 squat reps.

4 – Dance is a great activity

Dance also has the same benefits as other aerobic exercises: it helps with heart, joint, and metabolism health and increases the caloric expenditure of those who practice.

Being a different and fun exercise, dance also promotes the production of happiness hormones. Among them, we have oxytocin, known for its role in social interaction, affection in love, dopamine, associated with pleasure and reward and also serotonin, the hormone associated with sleep and satiety.

5 – Use your body weight

The biggest advantage of functional weight-bearing exercises is that they can be performed easily at home and at no cost. These are activities that work all parts of the body at once.

Because they don’t work a body part individually, they end up being less tedious than traditional weight training.

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