Summer Makeup: 5 Tips To Not Melt in the Heat

summer makeup

In the summer, makeup products tend to melt on the skin because of the heat. Having in mind that no one wants to live this beauty drama, we bring some expert tips to make your summer makeup last much longer. Check out the list!

Summer is a season that calls for more fresh and natural makeup. To prevent the foundation from melting, the concealer accumulating on the eyelids and the lipstick does not smudge at the corner of the lips, you need to understand your skin type and do a few tricks. In addition to the products that best fit the heat, good skin preparation to control face oils is essential. See some tips:

1 – Ice pack helps close pores

In summer, the pores of the face become larger. This prevents products like foundation or BB Cream from fixing better. A homemade tip that helps close these holes is to make an ice pack before you start makeup because of the low temperature. Clean the skin with micellar water or soap for your skin type and apply the compress for a few seconds all over the face.

2 – Swap the base for a BB Cream

Many women do not give up the makeup base, but the product tends to melt in the face. Especially those of medium and high coverage. The tip to endure the summer heat is to change the base for a BB Cream or CC Cream, which have lighter coverage and matte effect. This helps make your face drier during the day. Already in make for the night, the base of medium coverage is released.

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3 – Makeup Primer & Fixer

Two products that can help fix summer makeup better are the primer and the makeup fixer. You found primer in a stick or liquid (have to be used on a clean face before any makeup product). And the makeup fixer can be found on spray and have to be applied at the end.

4 – Use translucent powder

Use translucent powder, which has lighter particles and does not weigh on the face, unlike compact powder. The product helps hold the foundation, BB Cream, and concealer, and can be applied with a large brush and light bristles on the greasiest areas of the face such as forehead, nose, and chin.

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5 – Waterproof Eyelash Mask

Eyelash mask is essential to give that up! In summer, the tip is to bet on waterproof versions, which fix better on the eyelashes and will not melt in the heat. The favorite product in ballad make can also be used during the day. Attention is only when removing it from the eyelashes: give preference to a biphasic makeup remover not to damage the hair.


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