The Ultimate Makeup Guide for Droopy Eyelids

makeup for droopy eyelids

Anyone with droopy eyelids knows that any makeup is imperceptible. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to applying shade and eyeliner in favor of your eyelids. We’ve put together professional secrets to make makeup work.

The drooping eyelids consist of an excess of skin that overlaps between the eyebrow bone and the eyelashes. More people than we think have drooping eyelids, whether something from birth or the result of aging.
They make the eyes appear smaller and some find it difficult to achieve beautiful results in makeup because of drooping eyelids.

Here are the tips:

The first step is to pass a primer on the eyelid. It helps prevent buildup of the products and keeps the makeup in place. Then use a layer of neutral shade, one beneath your skin. “This will be your blank canvas and seal the primer. Then put a neutral tone, but darker, in the concave, and vanish well.

Do this with your eyes open, to understand where your concave is. Straighten slightly beyond the eye’s limit to enlarge the eyes.

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Then use an even darker shade to add depth to the concave, and attach that shadow to the root of the lashes with a V-smudged vertically. This gives the illusion of a deeper concave, which opens the look.

Another tip is to delineate from the root of the eyelashes in the upper water line. For people with drooping eyelids, it is not recommended to wear eyeliner above the eyelash because it makes the eyes look smaller.

Eyelashes are very important: always curve and use mask on top and bottom. False eyelashes also help open the look but make sure you are using natural and separate eyelashes to see the original eye shape. Matte shadows work best. Once you master the technique of using three neutral shadows, you can progress and risk combinations of different colors!

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