Hair color: 8 ways to prolong without spending too much

hair colour

Going to the hairdresser can be a massacre for some women – you go through all the magazines, games on your phones, pep talks with the stylists, and still, you’re not done. However, for those of us who have to take care of their hair color, there’s really no other option. After all, who likes to see those ugly roots coming off?

The best thing we can do is really to take the necessary measures to preserve our hair color beauty and healthy for as long as possible.


Here are some simple tips to preserve your hair color after a trip to the saloon.


1. Reduce the frequency of washes

Daily washing facilitates color fading. If your hair is thin, wash it every other day; if it is dry and thick, the washing should happen twice a week.

2. Avoid Hot Water

The very high temperature dilates the scale of the hair, favoring the exit of the dye.

3. Buy specific products for colored hair

With acidic PH, they have the power to close the scales of the strands, sealing them and thus keeping the pigment fixed for longer.

4. Blondes should wear purple or violet shampoo once a week

Some women prefer the shampoo, others the conditioner or the color mask. The important thing is to use it once a week to keep the blonde handsome. Avoid exaggerations, as frequent use can change the color of the wires.

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5. Invest in masks with pigmentation

They help keep the shine and prolong the color. To improve the result, alternate with a good reconstruction mask, especially those based on keratin, which leave the strands firmer, stronger and avoid breakages.

6. Choose a specific sunscreen for your hair

It creates a protective layer that prevents direct contact with the sun, sea water and pool, which allows the color to last longer.

7. Rinse the threads after bathing or pool

Prolonged contact with salt or chlorine takes away the color of the locks.

8. Bet on a colorless toner

Without ammonia, it does not hinder and even stimulate the growth of the wires, giving more life and shine.

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