4 Practical and Quick Hairstyles for Summer


Tips for uncomplicated hairstyles to look beautiful without suffering from the summer.

With summer and high temperatures, having long hair becomes a big challenge and many women even consider a shorter cut at this time of year. But for those who don´t want to get rid of the locks and still manage to soften the summer t in a practical way, the solution is to appeal to hairstyles that leave the neck and neck exposed.

Here are some possibilities, ranging from hairstyles that hold all the hair to days when it is not possible to stay out of the neck, to hairstyles that hold part of the hair or leave the hair loose, for those who do not give up, even in the heat. Check out:

1. Ponytail

It is possible that the ponytail is the first hairstyle that every woman learns to do. Simple and fast, it’s great for hot days and for when there is little time available for a more elaborate hairstyle. But it is not because it is so simple that the ponytail must always be the same.

In addition to the possibility of using the most diverse accessories, such as elastics, tiaras, buckles, and ties, the height at which the ponytail is made makes all the difference in the look – as well as the combinations. You can combine the ponytail with tufts, loose threads, knots or small braids, for example. One can also make a hairstyle more stuck or messier, all depending on the style and the occasion.

2. Braids

Braids, as well as practices, are very useful for creating romantic looks and for dealing with days when the hair does not want to collaborate. And the variety is immense. There are finer braids, more bare, traditional, inverted, inlaid, lateral, fish scale type, maxi braids, braided tiaras, braided cokes and a multitude of possibilities.

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3. High bun

Practical and fast, high bun is a versatile hairstyle that never goes out of style, can be made in any type of hair and used on many occasions.

Among the many possibilities of using this hairstyle, there is the low, more traditional bun; the high bun or ballet bun, which is at the top of the head; the lateral bun, bun knot, fan bun, and shredded bun. All of them can be assembled in a more structured or barer way, with loose threads, or bulkier, always depending on when it will be used.

4. Wet hair

Hair with a wet effect, besides being fast, practical, and difficult to leave the place, is very suitable for the summer, to give the impression that the person has just left the bath or the swimming pool. The look conveys a sense of cleanliness and freshness, but to achieve this effect lasts a long time without arming or spoiling, it is necessary to apply a good gel combined with spray fixative.

A good tip to make the wet effect look more beautiful is to mix a little coconut oil or some other finishing oil into the gel at the time of application. This ensures extra shine and prevents the gel from reshaping the hair.

By the way, when it comes to gel, always opt for formulations without alcohol, which are less aggressive to the threads and also have an excellent fixation.


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