Herbal Tea favorites you will love!

Start cutting back on caffeine

herbal tea

Herbal tea a great alternative to caffeine, but most people find it hard to make the switch. Truth is a standard green tea probably won’t give you the kick needed to start out those tough early mornings.

That’s why we decided to do some scouting (being caffeine addicts ourselves) and came up with a list of herbal teas that we actually enjoyed.


Here’s our Herbal tea’s top 6


1. Spiced Apple Chai by T2

The perfect blend of apples with some of the best spices of the silk route. This tea is ideal for the cold season as its hot spiced flavours can warm up anyone’s heart.

Ingredients include: Apple (5%), black tea, chicory root, ginger, cinnamon, gen mai cha matcha (roasted rice, green tea, powdered green tea), natural and artificial flavouring


2. Pure Peppermint Infusion, by Marks & Spencer

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