Water: 7 signs that you need to drink more

Did you drink water today?

drinking water

More than half of the human body is composed of water and we need it to live. For this reason, the body gives some important signs beyond the thirst that we feel when spending a lot of time without ingesting water.

Here are seven signs to know if your body needs more water (before suffering from a serious case of dehydration):

1. Mouth and dry lips

When it is dehydrated, there is a decrease in the production of saliva and this is what gives the sensation of dry mouth. Attention may also be the cause of bad breath.

2. Sit constantly tired

As a defense against dehydration, the body decreases blood supply to non-vital organs. That is, the muscles can start to operate more slowly, making you feel tired and sleepy.

3. Darkest pee

The ideal color of the urine is a very light yellow or transparent. If your pee is dark yellow or orange, it´s a sure sign that your urine is more concentrated and unhealthy.

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4. Headache

The reason for that uncomfortable headache in the middle of the day may be just the lack of water. Experts believe that with the low level of the substance, there is a decrease in blood in the brain and thus less oxygen in the region.

5. Doesn’t produce enough tears

Like saliva, tears can be a sign that water levels in the body are deficient.

6. Dry skin

Better than any cream, water is a great moisturizer. As soon as the body has low levels of water, the skin feels and immediately appears the effects.

7. Muscle spasms

Spasms can be common in people who don´t drink a lot of water. When the muscle is being overused and the fluids are low, some involuntary movements may occur.



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