Physical activities for healthier pregnant women


Staying active during the nine months of gestation is real necessary. Therefore, physical activities for pregnant women should be considered by the future moms.

Physical exercise promotes a number of benefits for pregnant women. Such as increased mood, reduced swelling and motion sickness, relief of back and joint pain, and prevent diseases such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.

All this without counting the benefits for the delivery time. Physical activities for pregnant women offers a better muscular and cardiovascular preparation and a quick recovery in the postpartum period.

We listed physical activities for healthier pregnant women. Check out!

1. Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is compatible with gestation, especially if the woman was already practicing.

However, this is one of the physical activities for pregnant women who must have authorization from the gynecologist. If recommended and practiced with moderation the bodybuilding is able to strengthen the muscles responsible for controlling the posture, avoiding back pain and joints.

It´s important to emphasize that moms should take extreme care not to be overweight.

2. Pilates

Pilates is one of the most active physical activities for pregnant women.

The practice offers an improvement in posture and aids in strengthening the leg muscles, which is important to avoid back pain. Pilates also works on strengthening the musculature of the arms, which prepares the woman to carry the baby.

Strengthening the perineum region is also one of the benefits, combating urinary incontinence and aiding abdominal contraction. Psychologically, pilates is an ally by working concentration and breathing, bringing more calm and relaxation to the expectant mother and her child.

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3. Hydro gymnastics

Water aerobics is one of the physical activities for pregnant women most recommended by doctors. It helps the woman to exercise without overloading the body, because water softens the movements.

This modality is like an aerobic class, exercised within the water.

The blood circulation is activated. This is very interesting, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy, when swelling is more frequent. But be careful: because you aren´t feeling the real weight of the body, some pregnant women exaggerate the intensity of the exercises and this is not recommended. Therefore, avoid movements that compress stomach and abdomen, in addition to very high heels inside the water.

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