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Physical activities in the summer

In the summer, practicing physical activities can become an exhausting routine. But with a few simple tips, you can take advantage of high temperatures and increase performance without putting your health at risk.

You must be very careful about dehydration. If you exercise in the sun, you should avoid exposing yourself during the most harmful hours, from 10am to 4pm. In addition to sunblock, use caps or hats, and sunglasses.

Heavier foods, in addition to harming health, interfere with the performance of training. It is preferable to choose light foods such as fruits, vegetables, vegetables and white meats such as fish or chicken. Drink plenty of liquid, water, coconut water and natural juices.

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The best time to exercise outdoors is before 11 AM in the morning, and after 5 PM in the afternoon. Among the benefits of exercising in summer, the climate favors motivation, improves adherence to physical activities, contributes to well-being and helps sleep.

But you must be aware of the dangers. In summer, it is common to have a drop in blood pressure, dehydration, and a drop in blood glucose because sometimes the person does not eat properly. The tendency in the summer is to have less appetite.

But which exercise to choose? Any exercise or physical activity that you join and continue, so that it becomes a habit, is a good choice.

And attention to the importance of professional accompaniment. The prior consultation with a doctor will prevent the person from having any type of health problem during the activity. In addition to predicting possible diseases linked to blood pressure and heart problems.

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