Healthy and Fresh Drinks to Make at Home

They only have benefits: they are colorful, refreshing and healthy

healthy drinks

Juices are for summer what hot chocolate is for the winter. That’s why we share with you various healthy and fresh drinks to refresh you in the hot days.


Refreshing Rose Infusion

The first in our list of healthy and fresh drinks, it’s not only delicious but actually quite beautiful. To prepare it, heat a liter of water, just until it gets hot, do not let it boil. Add two tablespoons of dried rose petals (or a cup of fresh petals) and one teaspoon of crushed cardamom seeds. Cover and let infuse for one hour or overnight. Strain and transfer to a glass bottle or bottle. Put it in the refrigerator and let it cool. Serve it like that or sweet to taste with honey.

The Benefits

A refreshing, delicate and soothing drink. This tonic not only encourages the regeneration and production of collagen but also helps to stimulate good mood. It also has aphrodisiac powers – no wonder the rose is one of the symbols of love.

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Flavored Water

To prepare it, use a well-washed jar or glass jar with a lid. Add 250g of fresh fruit. Among our preferred choices are fresh organic strawberries, blueberries and mint. Wash each ingredient well, cut the strawberries into quarters and separate the mint leaves. Add water to the natural (about two liters) and, if you like, two cinnamon sticks. Leave it to stand for at least an hour or until the water turns pink. Serve with ice or put in the refrigerator door to go drinking throughout the day.

The Benefits

This type of water is 100% natural and easy to prepare at home with fresh fruits, spices and aromatic herbs to taste. They have a sweet and pleasant taste and are healthy and have no sugars or sweeteners. For this reason, they are a great alternative to soft drinks or simple water.


Honeysuckle Refreshment

Put the mint and lemon in a jug along with the water. Carefully “love” the flowers (honeysuckle) in your hands to release your essential oils. Add them to the water and mix everything. If you want the sweetest drink, add maple syrup to taste. Let it macerate for at least 40 minutes. Serve fresh or with ice stones and some honeysuckle flowers to decorate.

The Benefits

This juice is deliciously floral thanks to honeysuckle flowers that, in addition to being in season and are found abundantly in various gardens, have numerous benefits that promote our wellbeing: they are rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals, alleviate respiratory difficulties and can calm the digestion.

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