How to Cut Onions Without Crying


Every cuisine type has its own mandatory elements, that usually go around in every plate. For us, besides the usuals salt & pepper, garlic and onions are definitely a must. However, the last did use to give us a fight – meaning most of the times we’ll end up red-faced from tearing up along the process.


Ever wondered how to cut onions without crying?

If you’re familiar with the problem, then we’ve got you covered. Here are some quick tips on how to cut onions without crying.

1. Use sharp knifes

The theory is simple: the cleaner the cut, the fewer gases will be released.

2. Freeze the onion

In order for this to work, you need to first peel the onion before freezing it. The cold slows the conversion of sulfoxides into the gases that will make you weep. It absolutely works!

The downside? Probably you should wear gloves so you don’t freeze your hands.

3. Eat some bread while you cut it

Swear to god, this one might sound foolish but it actually works. And no, we won’t say there’s a perfectly logical explanation for it. Maybe it’s just due to the fact that while you keep your mouth full, you’ll be absorbing less of those nasty gases.

Anyway, it doesn’t hurt, right?

4. Wear goggles

Ok, this one was a long stretch. But on our defense, if googles can keep water out, they should be able to also protect you from a few gases, right?

To be honest, we tried this out with sunglasses and it barely had an effect. Nonetheless, in this case, gases could still come in. Hence, we are sticking through without theory. Does someone want to call us out?


No matter what technique you choose, one thing is for sure: we don’t want to go through life without onions. Check out this article from The Guardian, with some mouthwatering onion recipes.

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