Al Orjouan: our top choice for Riyadh


With a warm and inviting dinner set, Al Orjouan has established itself as a favorite between locals and visitors of Saudi Arabia.

The restaurant is located at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh and offers guests meal options throughout the whole day.  You can visit their website to check out the hours of operation. 

This refined, luxury buffet is not like anything you’ve ever seen. The variety and quality of the food alone is more than enough to make you fall in love with the place.  From the finest sushi to the delightful local Indian and Arab dishes, the quality of the ingredients never disappoints.

Moreover, keeping consistency with the hotels’ standards, the service quality is absolutely exquisite. Thewaiters took the time to walk us through not only the ingredients but also the history behind the dishes.

One tip: if you are a dessert person, try to keep some room in your belly. Simply put, all deserts are Michelin-star level. We absolutely loved them!

You’ll truly feel like a king eating at the Al Orjouan. Besides being treated like one, the hotel has some of the most beautiful interiors we have ever seen – and prizes to prove it!


The Al Orjouan was amongst the Winners at the 2018 World Luxury Restaurant Awards. The restaurant won a total of 6 prices:


In the Global Winners Category:
  • Best Gourmet-style buffet.
In the Regional Winners Category:
  • Best Luxury family restaurant in the Middle East & North Africa
  • Most Luxurious Ambience in the Middle East & North Africa
  • Best Luxury Hotel restaurant in Saudi Arabia
In the Country Winners Category:
  • Best Luxury Interior Design/Architecture in Saudi Arabia
  • Best Mediterranean cuisine in Saudi Arabia

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