Blend with foundation? Expert explains makeup tricks!


Makeup has been changing over the years. People are more vain and so they are taking more care of their skin. How this intensive skincare routine can change beauty trends and make women feel more confident without the need to cover all imperfections. Come to know some tricks!

The makeup has been increasingly free and natural. Products are becoming more multifunctional, which is great, since it optimizes space and functionality. The makeup is in the transition period as well. It´s no more necessary to follow rules that has imprisoned so many people, such as the contour technique, for example. You don´t need to look skinner in photos. The makeup has been changing and gaining new meanings. What makes people want to show more of their qualities and accept their imperfections with love.

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With the rise of skincare, from an intensive skin care routine, we will walk to a moment where the individuality of each will be valued without the need to use products that visually alter these points. The use of the makeup will still be continuous, but its role will be to enhance and beautify the individuality of each person in a much more natural way. The trend will be natural, minimal and where the less is more.

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Blend with foundation works for all skin types?

Very famous trick done in backstage of fashion shows, but doesn´t work for all skin types. Who has oily skin should avoid this trick. We should mix the foundation with only creamy moisturizers so that the texture of the product isn´t impaired, but they aren´t suitable for this type of skin. If a person with oily skin wants to make the foundation more fluid, is recommended to use a product called a thinner. It will do the moisturizer, leaving the base lighter, and will not compromise the result throughout the day. However, oily skins need hydration, so the moisturizer should be applied before of the base, in oil-free gel.

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