Makeup Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There are some common mistakes that can compromise your makeup


The makeup values, hides, and can do everything that every woman wants and needs to feel beautiful. But there are makeup common mistakes that we all need to avoid.

Here are the top seven makeup mistakes every woman has at least once committed.


1. Test the color of the foundation on the back of the hand

One of the most common makeup mistakes happens when the foundation tone is wrong, be it lighter or darker. The product needs to be similar to your skin.

When choosing the most suitable for your skin, test the foundation on the face itself and not on the back of the hand. Remembering, of course, that there can sometimes be a change in the skin from the face to the rest of the body, especially in the summer. For more detailed tips, check our post on Simple Guidelines to Choosing the Right Foundation.

2. Lipstick with matte finish with dry lips

In addition to highlighting the dryness of the lips, applying lipstick with matte finish further highlights the cracks and helps to make the skin more dehydrated. To solve this, hydrate the lips with a balm or with the famous cocoa butter – including before applying lipstick. The most appropriate, in this case, would be those of creamy finish or even a gloss.

3. Leave the contour too marked

The contour is a makeup technique that serves to strengthen the dimensions of the face and can also fine tune. The intention is not that this is evident. The tip is always to vanish well, just to give a beautiful and cohesive look to the makeup, creating a shading effect.

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4. Exaggerate application and blush color

The blush shouldn´t be applied on every cheek but on cheekbones. Do gentle movements towards the ear. Just like the contour, the blush should also not be marked.

To check if the blush is not too loaded and if it is in the correct color, check to make in several points of light of where you are. Prioritizing, whenever possible, to check in the natural light, for being more trustworthy.

5. Use the eyelash curler after the eyelash mask

The eyelash curler is an accessory that is used to make eyelashes more curved and elongated in appearance, which helps to enhance the look. However, it should be applied before the mask. If it is later, there is the risk of weakening the hairs and even pulling them out since, with the mask, it is possible that the hairs stick to the utensil.

6. Skip the skin preparation

Skin preparation is key to getting a beautiful result on making, this includes cleaning it. It is important to move the makeup remover to remove any remaining leftovers and remove impurities.

It is also interesting to apply a facial tonic as it helps to rebalance the PH of the skin and has a moisturizing action. As well as contributing to the assets of the creams, you use after penetrate better – some tonics even aid in controlling oiliness.

One tip is to use micellar water and tonic. Then apply the moisturizer. Always remembering that even oily skins require hydration, just choose the most suitable product.

6. Don´t take off the makeup to sleep

This error is classic, but it is worth noting: it is during sleep that cell renewal occurs. Sleeping without taking off the makeup can clog pores, cause blackheads and pimples.

At the end of the day, wash the face with facial soap appropriate for your skin type. Moisturize before sleeping.

Original post: Donna Beleza

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