Simple Guidelines to Choosing the Right Foundation

choosing the right foundation

Choosing the right foundation is no easy task. You never want to go too light, as to avoid that phantasmagoric look. However, going above your skin tone can be equally disastrous.

Sure, we all look better in the summer when we get our tanned looks, however applying a brownish foundation will not get you the same impact. Just try this simple test: apply your foundation, and then put your hand next to your face. If they don’t look like they’re from the same person, probably you’ve gone over the top.

In order to choose the right foundation for your skin, it’s important you find a formula that works for you. Similarly, before applying any makeup at all, you first need to make sure to take care of your skin correctly. Visit our post Skincare tips to follow for a simple routine before moving forward.

Here are some guidelines to follow for choosing the right foundation


1. Try to match it to your body, not your face

Most of us have different skin tones throughout our bodies – for obvious reasons. If you want to avoid a “floating head” effect, try matching your foundation to the left side of your jawline.

2. Match not only your tone but your skin type

When choosing the right foundation you need to consider your skin type as well. If you have dry skin, stay off powerful formulas. If your skin is oily then be careful with dewy finishes.

3. Find your undertone

Depending on your undertone, your complexion might be more golden, beige or rose. To determine this, you can do a simple test: pick 3 foundations (one of each complexion), apply them along your jawline and gently blend them. Whichever disappears into your skin is your winner!

4. Ask for help

Finally, be aware that choosing the right foundation can be a challenging task. That’s exactly why beauty stores have makeup artists working there – they’re not there just to sell, but to help you get the products that are most right for you.



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