Summer Holidays: 5 Steps to Prepare the Perfect Suitcase


In the summer the thought is on vacation and getting out of the routine, but packing the bag can be a tricky thing. Does it take centuries to prepare the suitcase and get everything in it? Then this article is perfect for you!

Long days of summer are a great excuse to live new experiences, discover amazing places and meet new people. But before you can enjoy all this, there comes that annoying moment that is capable of letting anyone with their hair stand up.

The packing of the suitcase is certainly the least exciting part of going on vacation. It’s hours and hours of complicated decisions and headaches that start when we can´t make the selection because everything is going to “miss”, and only end at the crucial moment when we sit on top of it to see if it closes.

The stress builds up and in the end are only white hair and wrinkles because of a suitcase for five days.

Therefore, and to think of all the people who suffer from the typical problems that the preparation of a suitcase entails, Starticles suggests five steps for this moment to stop being a seven-headed animal.

1. Checklist

Write down everything. Make a prior list of the essentials depending on the destination and the climate where you are going. On the day you prepare the bag take a risk every time you put a product on it, this will prevent you forget the passport or the toothbrush.

2. Selection of clothing

Trying to take half of the closet may seem like a good idea but the truth is that you will not fit everything in the suitcase and also will not use half. The ideal is to think of a look for each day and choose pieces that can easily be combined with each other. This way, you will be able to have more sets and take up less space.

3. “And if…” situations

It´s always important to be aware of and have room for “ifs”. The weather is unpredictable, and you will not want to go cold or rain, a raincoat and an umbrella are indispensable.

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4. Organize!

Placing things properly requires technique. Want to learn? First always put heavier things, like shoes – and don´t take too many, opt for a pair of shoes, slippers and sandals – on top, put on the lightest. Your suitcase will become much more organized and practical to use.

5. Little rolls

Try not to bend the pieces too much, a good suggestion is to choose to make rolls with the clothes. It saves space!

After these tips you just have to join the family and start preparing everything to have an unforgettable vacation!

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