Beauty Care: Gadgets that are revolutionizing daily beauty

beauty care

Cleaning, anti-aging, sensors that measure, analyze and smart masks. The technological beauty care to use at home doesn´t stop growing.

Beauty has entered this brave new world where technology has changed the way we see (and do) personal care. And the innovations are not only attracting those who are passionate about tech news. Above all, those looking for better results in our increasingly fast-paced life routine. This demand for smart tools for home use has even boosted sales.

The Global Survey of 2018 says that interest in beauty technology solutions will continue to grow in 2019. 38% of consumers being influenced by how advanced or intelligent a beauty product is.

At the forefront of these innovations is the Swedish FOREO (abbreviation for EveryOne). The company started with just two employees. Today has a team of more than two thousand professionals spread over more than 40 offices worldwide.

But let’s go to the crème de la crème of FOREO that has already won big names like Meghan Markle, Victoria Beckham, Cindy Crawford or Miley Cyrus: cleansing and anti-aging gadgets that have revolutionized skin health and are captivating more and more women . In 2018, a FOREO device was sold every two seconds in the world. We talk about simple gadgets that perform cleansing and antiaging treatments. Besides, diagnose skin condition or apply cleansing facial masks in the comfort of our home.

Are you too lazy to clean your skin?

LUNA 2 is really what was missing in our lives. This revolutionary and best-selling gadget has two faces and twelve adjustable speeds. One face has a facial cleansing action thanks to the T-Sonic TM pulses that act on the deeper layers of the skin and can remove 99.5% of dirt, oil, traces of make-up and dead cells. The other face, with anti-aging action, uses low-frequency pulsations that visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles, leave the skin looking firmer, toned and radiant.

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This facial care ritual is quick – it takes two minutes and requires no effort, fitting perfectly into our routine – adapting to any type of skin. Pink LUNA is for normal skins; o Green for oily skins; the blue, for mixed skins; and lilac for sensitive skin. Confused? The difference between each is the filaments (thinner or thicker) that are tailored to the needs of each skin type for a personalized care.

There is also a “mini” version, the LUNA go which has all the functions of the LUNA 2 in a smaller format (size of a cotton disc), ideal for taking to the gym or on the go.
Know all the devices of the brand in the site of Foreo.

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